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    Pennhurst school/hospital was started up in 1908 and housed people both young and old. It was created to help people with physical and mental disabilities. Most children who were dropped off here by their parents, never saw them again. When patients came to stay they were then separated throughout the different buildings according to their intelligence level. All types of cases were there, severe cases like the patients that couldn't even move or roll over and would lie in the cribs there all day. There were also the less severe cases that were the patients that could almost completely function on their own. The care was never that good, but once the overcrowding of the place became apparent it was then that the care was said to be appalling when it came to the living facilities and the care and caretakers themselves. Just to get attention it is known that the patients would go as far as to wipe feces all over themselves. After being observed, and this behavior occurring and people/family members becoming aware of what was going on(the few that did) lawsuits were placed against the school/hospital. After this, when people that came to observe were there, it was made to look better than it was. They were to put on a show. Dress the patients in their own clothes, groomed and everything... the way it should be, but any other day was definitely not.
    The entire facility was eventually forced to be shut down in 1987 and the clients we moved to other facilities after a de-institutionalization process. This was done after further investigation of the facility was done and it was found out what was really going on there. There was a class-action case against the state school and they were found guilty of overall, violating patients constitutional rights. They had been beaten, sexually assaulted, and isolated for long periods of time which caused them to "regress farther and farther into a mentally disturbing state of mind, instead of being bettered by the school."
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