West side of 9th Street between Market and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pa
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Located in the heart of the Liberty Mall in Philadelphia, Pa, the nations first executive building is an often overlooked landmark due to the contraversey surrounding it's alleged slave quarters form George Washington;s residence.

From 1790 to 1800 the executive mansion of the United States was in Philadelphia. It was here,
on the south side of Market Street, that Presidents George Washing ton and John Adams lived while the capital was under construction in D.C. Today this historical building serves as a public bathroom
and walkway to the Liberty Bell Center. The controversy of this house stems from Washington’s residency. He moved into the house in late November 1760 with 24 servants, 8 of which were black slaves. In order to properly house his servants, Washington had the smokehouse extended out to
the stables. There the white coach men are suspected to have lived while the black slaves lived in the attic to avoid mixing races. It is not certain where the slaves lived, but all of the servants lived near the stables and attic.

George Washington's Presidential Residence in Philadelphia

George Washington's Presidential Residence in Philadelphia

The nation's first executive building seems to be overlooked. It is mentioned that America's first president held slaves there, while people walk on to the liberty bell or constitution center, but never all the crucial historical events. It was in this building that Gearge Washington and John Adams, the United States' first two presidents, signed treaties and passed bills. THis historical landmark must become known to the public!
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Rather than Leaving boring signs with tons a small print, this site should have a tour guide standing by as other landmarks in the area do. The city does have plans to build on the site in order to clearly show the layout of Washington's slave quarters, but has no focus on the fact that it was the nation's original executive building. American's should be aware that for ten years Philadelphia served as the nations capitol. There President Washing and President Adams gave state dinners, stood for ceremonial occasions, worked in the cabinet room, and invite ambassadors from around the world. This location needs more big time advertisement. It must be named as a landmark on the official signs found all over the historical section of Philadelphia and become included on tours. Washington's Slave Quarters are just a small piece of history found in the foundation of America's original White House and the real story is still left to be told.