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The Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site is open Wed. - Sun, 9am -5pm.

Edgar Allan Poe moved six times in one year in Philadelphia. Only one house remains standing while the others were torn down. This house stills stands by a man who was very into Poe, he collected many things that related to Poe. This house became a national park because the man who bought the house died after three year when he ran the house as a tour. The tour guides that work at the house do it for volunteering, It doesn't cost a thing to get a tour everything is free. The people who run the house know little bits of information about each room in the house. Important information about the house is that he wrote three of his famous stories “The Black Cat” “The Tell Tale Heart” and “The Gold Bug”. Rumor has it that the house might have given him the idea to start his most famous poem "The Raven". Poe lived in the house for 3 months then moved to New York. He moved into the house for his wife, she was getting worse from tuberculosis; the reason they moved there because it was a better envirmoent for his wife.
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