The Lafayette Inn
Have you drove passed somewhere and wondered what has happened there previous years? Well a huge piece of history happened in a nearby place, the Lafayette Inn, virtually in your on back yard! The Lafayette Inn not only has fabulous food but also offers a breakfast in bed. The church next door to it helped with one of the most well organized battles in history. Many people just see the Inn as a place for good food, but when you walk around the place, you will see all of the pictures and paintings that revitalized history.
Not many people realize all of the history there, that there was an actual battle where you could be parking your car! The location has been saved for an Inn, but what are they doing to promote the history? Not much. After the British learned of Lafayette's position on Barren Hill, planning to capture him, Lafayette climbed into the tower at the old church right next door to the Inn! How can someone just drive right past there without knowing the wheels of the car are scraping up a little piece of history as they continue to turn?!

Tippecanoe Indians

Tippecanoe Country is a country located in the U.S state of Indiana. As of 2000, the population was 148,955. The country seat is Lafayette, this is where the Indians get their name from. They live in Tippecanoe and these Indians helped The U.S during the Revolutionary war.

*A little history: On May 18th, 1778, General Lafayette and 2200 of the of the best equipped men were sent by General Washington from Valley Forge to Barren Hill, now renamed Lafayette Hill, to spy on the British in Pennsylvania.

This is how it should be advertised!