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Historical Background

Franklin Field is the University of Pennsylvania's stadium for football, field hockey, lacrosse, sprint football, and track and field. It is located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on the eastern edge of the campus. Franklin Field first opened in 1895 for the first running of the Penn Relays; it cost $100,000 to construct. It's the oldest field still in operation for football. This stadium was the site of the first scoreboard in 1985. At the turn of the century permanent construction of Franklin Field began where the wooden bleachers were torn down and the current stadium structure was erected in 1920. Shortly after construction in 1922 the first football radio broadcast was carried out by Philadelphia's WIP radio station. Also in 1939 the first commercial football television broadcast came from Franklin Field. Franklin Field has been preserved because it's still being used today for several sporting events.

Franklin Field October 28, 1928

Franklin Field Present Day

Events that occurred at Franklin Field:
  • 1899-1935- Army-Navy game seriespic_Franklin-Field_1926.jpg
  • 1958-1970- Philadelphia Eagles stadium
  • October 11, 1959 NFL Commissioner Bert Bell died after suffering a heart attack during the last two minutes of an Eagles-Steelers game
  • August 23, 1958, the first Canadian Football League game was played on American soil between two Canadian teams
  • 1936- FDR accepted the Democratic Party's nomination for a second term as president
  • June 8,1997 it hosted U2 during the first leg of their Pop Mart Tour
  • 2000- one of the main locations in the movie Unbreakable
  • 2006- in movie Invincible field served as stand in for the demolished Veteran Stadium

Public Historyfranklinfield_football-1826.gif

The University of Pennsylvania owns and operates Franklin Field. The overall reason for for the stadium is to hold sporting events for the university and to hold the Penn Relays. Franklin Field operators don't educate the public about the history of the stadium even though it has a proud one. Ever since it's construction it has been used for one thing or another. The reconstruction of the stadium helped it become more desirable for more activities such as the Penn Relays. Throughout the year Franklin Field holds various games such as football and the Penn Relays. Also in the summer Franklin Field hosts summer camps for baseball, track and field, lacrosse, and softball. The average attendance to football games at Franklin Field is 11,090. The attendance for the 2008 Penn Relays was 113,392. Because of such high attendance and regular use Franklin Field is in no danger of being closed down. Franklin Field has been the site of many historical activities and should be preserved for further activities that will be remembered for generations.

Plan to get Attention:

Franklin Field Army Navy Game

navy_logo.jpg V.S army_logo.jpg

One way to get attention is to have the Army Navy game at Franklin Field. The game will tell the people about the history of the field as well as give entertainment to the crowd. While people are waiting in line for tickets, there will be an exhibit outside the ticket booth that gives information and history on the field. This exhibit will give the people something to do while waiting for their tickets and give them some background information on the field. The game will take place at 3:00 in the afternoon on October 22, 2009. This game is even relative to the history of Franklin Field because there have been previous Army Navy games at Franklin Field.
Army Navy Game Franklin Field 1911

Franklin Field Sponsors

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