-Both of Edgar A. Poe's parents were actors. When Poe was a born his father left him and his mother, when he was 3 years old his Mother died of tuberculosis, his brother, sister, and him were spreaded to different homes. Poe was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. John Allan, shotly his foster mother died of tuberculosis. Poe was a very active and smart in his school years, then his foster father started getting sick; he would abuses Poe and didn't care about him, he didn't give him anythng. When Poe got older, he fell in love with a girl, his cousin ,Virginia, she was only 15 when they married. They would play games all the time and have fun with each other, one day Virginia was singing to him and his aunt/mother law, Muddy, and Virginia coughed up blood; a symptom of tuberculosis. Six months later she died. Poe continued to write poems and stories until his mysterious death on October 7, 1849.

-Poe was found in an ally wearing cheap, ill-fitting clothes; many believe that Poe's own clothing had been stolen. Poe was taken to Washington College Hospital on the afternoon of October 3 and did not regain consciousness until the next morning. For days he passed from delirium to unconsciousness, but never recovered well enough to tell how he had arrived in such a condition. For no known reason he started calling loudly for "Reynolds" on the fourth night.

- In the early morning hours of October 7, Poe calmly breathed a simple prayer, "Lord, help my poor soul," and died. His cause of death was ascribed to "congestion of the brain." No autopsy was performed, and the author was buried two days later. In dying under such mysterious circumstances, the father of the detective story has left us with a real-life mystery which Poe scholars, medical professionals, and others have been trying to solve for over 150 years.