Colonial House
Have you ever wondered how the original Pennsylvanians lived? Well the Colonial House is an amazing reenactment of just that, the colonial plantation offers great events that will open your eyes to the hard labor that is involved in colonial life. It is such a great source of knowledge that the cast for the movie “The Village” used their facilities as a boot camp to properly reenact life of early Pennsylvanians.


The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation's modest role; as a working farm operating with the methods and implements of colonial America - belies its significance as a living example of that period. The people and activities of the Plantation represent more than the one 18th century family who owned the property. The way of life that exists at the Plantation is a tribute not simply to the Pratt family, who lived on this farm from 1720-1820, but to the efforts and achievements of the typical colonial resident of this area. Consistent with the findings of local research into religious and tax records, wills and letters of the 1760-90 period, the Plantation represents a broader view of early American life, an authentic demonstration of how most people in this area lived during colonial times.

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