1719 - Christ Church began raising money for a two-acre field that would soon be Christ Church Burial Ground. It cost seventy-two pounds, sixteen shillings, and six pence.

1740 - A wooden fence was built around the two acres to keep grazing animals in and vandals out.

1771 - A bier house was built for coffins in the southwest corner. Later three vaults were installed to put the coffins when the ground was frozen. Today they are used as graves.

1772 - With donations, a seven-foot brick wall was built to replace the existing fence. It cost ten pounds, nine shillings, and six pence.

1810 - Twenty burial vaults were constructed.

1858 - Benjamin Franklin’s descendants request for the entrance to move closer to Benjamin Franklin as to be more visible to the public. A final fence was then constructed.

1864 - Maps and inscriptions were drawn due to he deteriorating grave markers.

1887 - A gate was added at the entrance donated by Rebecca Coxe.

1927 - The original brick wall was renovated along with some most initial masonry and copestone.

1938 - Trees and shrubs were added to the landscape by the Wissahickon garden club.

1955 - A brick path to Benjamin Franklin’s grave for his 250th birthday.

1971 - Christ Church Burial Ground was placed on the national register of historic places.

1976/1987 - Special arrangements allowed the burial ground to be open for a few hours during the bicentennial and constitution celebrations.

1997 - Christ Church Preservation Trust took over burial ground to preserve it and make it available for public visitation.

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