Audubon - "The First Home of John James Audubon in America", Nature to keep you occupied for hours!

1201 Pawlings Road
Audubon, PA
Museum Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10AM-4PM, Sunday 1-4PM
Sanctuary Grounds: Tuesday through Sunday 7AM-Dusk
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Brief Summary:
John James Audubon was a French-American who had a passion for the wildlife of the United States and for the environment surrounding it. As a result of the passion to the wilderness he went out and painted various species of birds. As he painted he also cataloged and also described each bird he painted. Not only was he interested about the wildlife in the United States but also was his child and wife. After his death, his family went out and encouraged the preservation of wildlife and how it should be treated properly.

Background Info on John James Audubon:

  • John James Audubon was an environmental pioneer
  • Drew wild life paintings
  • Grew up in France
  • Was sent to Pennsylvania to look over his father's estate
  • Became fascinated with birds
  • Decided to make a life size book in 1826 but took 13 years to finish product because each painting was hand colored
  • Died in 1851
  • Son John finished second book after John James died
  • Wife taught natural science to students
  • 1901 the National Audubon Society was created

Interview with John James Audubon Center employee:
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  • A paid employee at the John James Audubon Center graduated at Lock Haven University and then soon attended the university of arts. This employee studied English, writing, and communication in college. The reason why he devotes his time to the John James Audubon Center is simply for the love of history. His favorite thing about this historical place is it's harvest market fair which takes place on the first Saturday in October every year. This employee believed that bird sanctuaries as well as nature preservation are greatly underfunded in our society today. The reason why this employee enjoys the bird sanctuary so much is because he is involved with history and gets to involve it with writing which he has a great passion for both.

  • Located in Audubon, PA
  • Features all of John James Audubon's works during his lifetime including his love for natureexternal image 1157134531276.JPG
  • Includes close to 200 species of birds and 400 species of plants on display to view
  • View the nature around the house or inside the house

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Location: The John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove (JJAC) is located at 1201 Pawlings Road in
Audubon, PA. JJAC lies approximately 6 miles west of Norristown, 5 miles north of Valley Forge exit
#326 (old exit #24) on the Pennsylvania Turnpike (King of Prussia), 18 miles east of Pottstown, 24
miles west of Philadelphia, and 12 miles south of the Lansdale area. The entrance to JJAC is situated at
the junction of Audubon and Pawlings Roads in the village of Audubon, Pennsylvania.


By: Mike, Alex, and Jorge